Monday 6 July 2015

We designed Road Safety posters and it was fun colouring them!



Term 2 was super exciting because we got a great opportunity to learn
swimming. We were in different ability groups. Some of us were able to
swim  50 metres in an adult pool. We also played lots of games to improve
our techniques. Our instructors were really helpful and made our lessons enjoyable!

I am listening to the instructor's instructions carefully so I can swim better. Jeremiah

We loved going to Otara pools on Fridays.


                                  Tomato Cucumber Sandwiches           

   We read a book called "Food fit for a king." Charlie McBing made some yummy and healthy food for the king.  

We had fun making tomato and cucumber sandwiches for our lunch. They were very easy to make and so healthy! They were soft as feathers and extremely delicious. If you want to make these sandwiches, come and check out our quick recipe put up on the wall outside Room 8.

                                   We also made jam sandwiches. 

  This is our lovely Angel who is making jam sandwich for her                                    lunch. Super yummy !

                                       Jeremiah's Birthday Cake

             Happy Birthday Jeremiah! What a beautiful cake!

We were very lucky to have a slice of cake which was divine. Thanks            Jeremiah for sharing it with us.

                                                   Maori Week

What a nice way to wrap up our Maori week celebrations! The maori bread 

was mouth watering, wish we had more!